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Scrun - The Scrunched up Bun Classic Brown


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  • Scrun

Super Quick - Easy To Use - Versatile - No Fake Hair Needed - Multiple Looks

The SCRUN is a hair tool that creates multiple hair up results with ease due to its built in hairband and its modifiable features.

  • It is a multiple purpose tool.
  • The low density of the product is a key in the concept.
  • It is designed for structured or unstructured, textured/messy or smooth hair up looks.
  • Because of its effective design it is easy to use in fewer steps than the existing designs.
  • This is what makes this design so unique and novel.



  • Built In Hairband: Provides hold and security without additional hairdressing tools/ accessories.
  • Shapeable/ Moldable: For more styling choices.
  • Foldable: For smaller hair up results.
  • Unstructured Or Structured Shape: For natural results, a more textured look or a fuller look.
  • Conventional Styling: Multi purpose product (with this product no need for hair doughnut as it can create both looks).
  • Flexibility: Ease of application, increase volume, ease of coverage, more styling options.
  • Compact: Easy to carry/ store.
  • Reusable: More economic.
  • Available in 3 colours: Better suitability to hair length and thickness.

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